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About us

C.C. Watches and watches.de are joining forces.

As of October 2019, the two well-established players in the watch market will enter into a joint venture in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The new venture will operate under the name C.C. Watches, while watches.de will be the company's online marketplace.

Customers of our EU-based partnership will benefit from numerous synergies. At our new venture, innovation meets experience. We stand for professionalism, superb client service and absolute discretion.

About the partners:

Markus Tschopp, founder and proprietor of watches.de, has +30 years of experience in the global luxury watch market. Mr. Tschopp, with his in-depth knowledge of the watch scene, is very well connected world-wide, and enjoys an impeccable reputation among watch collectors.

Clarissa Camusso has been working in the industry for over 10 years, and founded C.C. Watches in Monaco in 2014. Before, she worked for a major brand in the watch and jewelry market. Besides Camusso's know-how in watches, she is also an expert in jewelry products. In 2015 she obtained a Diamond Classification Diploma at the IGI headquarters in Milan.