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Taxes/Species conservation

Price includes door to door delivery, insurance and import duties to the US. Not included are official sales taxes which are imposed in certain states. Please contact your local tax authorities for more information.

International buyers please observer tax and species conservation regulations.

Tariffs and taxes when buying watches outside of the EU

There are special tariff regulations for international sales of goods outside the EU, which can include taxes and fees.

  • The import sales/purchases tax is set by the country, into which the watch is imported. It is calculated on the basis of the total price of the watch.
  • Additional tariffs may apply (e.g. third country tariff rates).
  • For more information contact your customs authorities.

Species conservation

Clarify beforehand, whether parts of the watch come under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (WA / CITES), e.g. straps made of crocodile leather.

  • Please be aware that importing such protected materials requires a special permit.
  • Inadequately declared watches will be withheld by customs on import.
  • For specific information contact your vendor or customs authorities.