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Terms of use

Product Authenticity

C.C. Watches sells original goods only.
C.C. Watches is not an official dealer for any brand listed on the website and has not an own brand.

If the watch is no longer with house warranty, C.C. Watches guarantee it for two years.

Delivery Conditions

C.C. Watches can ship your goods anywhere in the world. However, for security reasons we reserve the right to exclude crisis countries or regions from this service.


Our prices are based on advance payment by cash or bank transfer. Nothing will be shipped before the amount is credited.

Advance payment
This is a normal wire transfer which you have to start after you received our confirmation. Please don’t forget to mention the reference of the item. Depending on your bank, a wire transfer needs 1 – 2 working days, for international wire transfers up to 5 working days. Please also check that the bank fees are on your charge.
All payment information will be sent on the proforma invoice or by email.

Cash payment
If you wish a face to face delivery, it’s possible just on our territory and the limit is 29.999,99 euro , please contact us in advance to discuss cash payment option.

The only currency accepted is the Euro.

Tax Free service is not available


30% of the total amount of the object will be required to reserve it. It will be agreed a validity time of the deposit between the parties, at the expiration, the object will have to be paid in a single solution otherwise the deposit will be retained by C.C. Watches


For private clients : a copy of the identity card front and back or the passport , the residence address

For the company : certificate of company registration , VAT number (valid for the intra-community purchases) or company registration number , address.


As soon as your order is shipped, you will be notified by e-mail. The message will contain shipment details, your tracking number and a link to the selected carrier site where you can track your parcel.

Normally our prices include packaging, transport and insurance till 50.000 euro.

Out of Europe and / or for item with high prices we will reserve to give you a price quotation for the service.

All the shipping are insured, in case of theft or loss by the courier, we will open a claim with them and with the insurance , after their investigation if the conditions meet the reimbursement standards of the insurance, the insurance will refund the customer or us, who in turn will provide for your refund, in the time and manner established by the same insurance. in the times and modes established by the insurance itself.

C.C. Watches does not anticipate any reimbursement until the case is closed / clarified.

Taxes/Species conservation

Principauté de Monaco is part of the Europe for the trade of goods , so if you buy from a member’s state there aren’t any additional taxes or duties to pay.

Taxes or duties which are imposed in certain states are on your charge , we recommend you to contact your local tax authorities for more information.

Tariffs and taxes when buying goods outside of the EU
There are special tariff regulations for international sales of goods outside the EU, which can include taxes and fees.

  • The import sales/purchases tax is set by the country, into which the goods is imported. It is calculated on the basis of the total price of the goods.
  • Additional tariffs may apply (e.g. third country tariff rates).

For more information contact your customs authorities.

Species conservation
Clarify beforehand, whether parts of the object come under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (WA / CITES), e.g. straps made of crocodile leather.

  • Please be aware that importing such protected materials requires a special permit.
  • Inadequately declared goods will be withheld by customs on import.

For specific information contact your vendor or customs authorities.

Delivery Time

All listed goods are available on stock with the timing mentioned. The delivery in Europe normally takes 1 / 2 working days while for delivery out of Europe 3 / 4 working days. The arrive depending on the destination.

Special Requests

If you are interested in a goods that is not featured in our list, please ask. We will make a special research for satisfy you wishes.

Place of Jurisdiction

The activities of C.C. Watches are subject to Principauté de Monaco law. The place of jurisdiction is Monaco.

Return Policy / Right of withdrawal

The product is sold in the same conditions as the client has seen in the detailed photos of on the website and from the description of it.

In reference to used goods, it is not possible to complain for small flaws or scratches due to the use and age , as the product is a second hand one.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised in seven working days, find below the extract of the ordinance on the right of withdrawal for companies based in the Principauté de Monaco

The goods must be returned in the same conditions as at the sell moment , all the differences of state will be calculated and deducted from the amount due. The goods can be returned at the customer's cost (shipping, return taxes / VAT of re-import ) to the address below:

C.C. Watches SARL - 42, Boulevard d'Italie 98000 Monaco - MC

All information related to C.C. Watches SARL are available at the authority offices of the Principauté de Monaco or on request, at the same company.

Privacy policy

Your personal information are exploited by C.C. Watches SARL within the framework of the treatment having for end purpose "management of the electric mail". According to the law n ° 1.165, modified, you have a right of access, rectification and deletion by writing, C.C. Watches SARL - 42, Boulevard d'Italie - 98000 Monaco.